I have been working on the spaces in my home.  Changing the way we use the rooms to be more useful to our needs, the way we live not necessarily the way they were planned.  I think most contractor houses built in all the subdivisions, in the last many years are based on a notion that everyone lives in the way a TV show or some designer thinks and that we all want to be the same.  We are not all alike, I have a huge garden tub in my bathroom that has been used only once in 8 years.  I have a tiny, parlor and formal dining room that was hardly ever used.  We have changed a lot and I will be showing some of the photos in the coming weeks.

I find it a little sad that if you live anywhere other than, a major city, or have a lot of money, we are expected to fit in a mold to suit someone else.  That is what being creative is all about, making your place work for you and your family, and make it looks a way that makes you feel like home.

Here is a little corner of my home.


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