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Clouds JRB


James River and Bridge

Well, it is the calm before the storm here, and everyone is a little antsy.  That is one of the unique things about a Hurricane, you have a lot of time to prepare and discuss and wait.  We are ready, but you never know exactly what you need to be ready for.  We are near enough to the coast to get a big part of the storm but far enough away to not have to evacuate.  Our biggest issue is wind, we have a lot of trees.  Next will be the loss of power, not looking forward to many nights of sleeping in the Southern August humidity and trying to keep the food situation together, it is a good way to use up all the things in your freezer, on the grill.

I am trying to keep some work going as well, still have deadlines to meet, but it seems like a time to just be, a do have my book light all charged up.

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