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Modern Plaid

I am painting plaids.  Planning a quilt for J and looking for plaid fabrics, surprisingly, not many interesting ones available.  My plan is to paint the designs on silk scarves then, use the ones that work for this project and turn them into “screens” for printing on cotton.

Really like these plaid stairs found them at Matters of Style

Another plaid-not the colors for J but an interesting interpretation.


New Class

I have a silk painting workshop coming up in Smithfield at the Art Center@319, contact them to register.  This is a day long class at the new location of Isle of Wight Arts League we will learn and practice several techniques and complete several samples and a finished silk scarf. The class size is limited due to space, so sign up early to try out this beautiful art form. It has been a couple of years since I offered this class, so I look forward to working with everyone.


The color Purple… blue and red… no, purple.  Purple eats people, um no… “coughBarneyscough”    no… Eggplants, just larger versions of grapes!… yeah… no. I just twitched and smacked my leg on my desk… no?  All the flowers are dying… some purple some not… Amethyst… my shirt… Haze… many others…

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