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Teaching Near and Far

by Tuckoo and MooCow

Planning for the new school year has been ongoing for several weeks.  I home school my son and also teach at a private art school.  My boys here at home are going to work in a journal format this year.  We will incorporate art, math, science, and writing lessons into a bound book format.  It is something I have used a little in my art classes I teach, and I think it will help keep a flow going and make our life moreportable for travel.



I you have noticed here on the blog J my youngest is now a contributor here and writing a post a week about color.

I love the beautiful book in these photos.  We will use a blank book, I was going to let them choose, but I think I will select something and present it to them with some new art supplies.

by Renovated Books

by Michael Rogers Press
by Jessi 081689

















Borders and Change

I went to “Borders” Book store this weekend, it was crazy busy.  It was also sad, the fact that it is closing and there aren’t many places like it left.  We spent a lot of time as the boys were growing up in bookstores.  I know people like the independent stores, but the Barnes and Nobel and Borders were  places you could take little boys and they would sit and look at books and we (adults) found unusual magazines and could try out books before we bought them.  It was a place to go with no pressure and they had clean restrooms and we learned things.  I bought many of my beautiful picture books I use for teaching while browsing with the boys.

It is tough to see all the limiting of choices we have today, yes I know we can find everything “online” but it is not the same as face to face interacting with others, and holding a beautiful book.

I bought some magazines, and this lovely book, at a bargain prices.

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