May 15 2012

Mood Board Monday

Angelia Armstrong

Bedroom 1Spring cleaning and all is going on in the bedroom.  Trying to create a nice relaxing, sleeping place.  I seem to be inspired by the cool colors of nature.

Mar 29 2012

New Class

Angelia Armstrong

I have a silk painting workshop coming up in Smithfield at the Art Center@319, contact them to register.  This is a day long class at the new location of Isle of Wight Arts League we will learn and practice several techniques and complete several samples and a finished silk scarf. The class size is limited due to space, so sign up early to try out this beautiful art form. It has been a couple of years since I offered this class, so I look forward to working with everyone.

Feb 11 2012

Friday Friends

Angelia Armstrong

My friend and fellow teacher Susan is having a give away on the blog, and the gift just happens to be one of my painted silk scarves.  So I hope you all stop over a read about all the adventures in home schooling and more.  Let me know if you are the lucky winner.


Jan 10 2012

We have been really busy with preparations for the Wholesale Craft, ACRE show in Florida. This is the new fabric collection for the spring group, bags and pillows.

Oct 5 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Sep 19 2011

Mood Board Monday

Angelia Armstrong

My design students will be creating mood/inspiration boards this week for a pillow project.  My aim is to help them understand all that goes into making an item, not just the sewing.  This week we are studying color theory as it relates to interior design and decorating.

I love this board, a simple color combination, but can withstand the test of time.

photo source 

Inspiration board

Sep 8 2011



The color Purple… blue and red… no, purple.  Purple eats people, um no… “coughBarneyscough”    no… Eggplants, just larger versions of grapes!… yeah… no. I just twitched and smacked my leg on my desk… no?  All the flowers are dying… some purple some not… Amethyst… my shirt… Haze… many others…

Jul 28 2011

The Color is blue…


The sky is blue… I just saw a blue bird, maybe it was a blue jay? The earth is mostly blue, blue planet… a blue alien, “Blue (da ba dee)”  ….blue sponge?  Blue skies, black skies…

"I see skies of blue.... clouds of white"

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