Dec 5 2013

Holiday Ornaments

Angelia Armstrong

Holiday Ornaments now available at Blue Skies or contact me directly.




Nov 16 2013

Work In Progress

Angelia Armstrong



Working on some little quilted ornaments, it has been a while since I made some small fun art.  Will be available next week.

Apr 10 2012

Little Birds

Angelia Armstrong

Birds are all around both indoors and out.  I’m enjoying all the spring birds coming around to our little bird bath.  My work has involved a lot of bird designs as well, most of it has been in applique and embroidery.  I am currently working on having the designs printed on fabric yardage.  It will be interesting to see where these new ideas and projects take me.  Spring is bringing about several interesting changes.  What is inspiring you these warmer days?

Mar 6 2012

Monday Stitching

Angelia Armstrong

I have a new order for pillows and pouches.  It is for a great place in Florida called the C.R.O.W. Clinic it is a wildlife rehabilitation facility.  So, you know they want the bird art on all the items.  Chickadees, Egrets and Owls are calling my name.

I have also started a new quilt project, with dye/printed fabrics. This is leading up to some new classes and workshops coming soon.

How is your week starting out?  What projects do you have going on?


Feb 16 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Angelia Armstrong

Sep 21 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Angelia Armstrong

Photo: Steve Armstrong

Jul 28 2011

The Color is blue…


The sky is blue… I just saw a blue bird, maybe it was a blue jay? The earth is mostly blue, blue planet… a blue alien, “Blue (da ba dee)”  ….blue sponge?  Blue skies, black skies…

"I see skies of blue.... clouds of white"

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