I am a mom, wife, artist, teacher.  Dyeing, Sewing, manipulating fabric are my specialities.  I have always been creative, a maker, and I use this blog space to share my ideas.  I love to hear from you with feedback, so leave comments, or contact my with any questions or thoughts. Angelia


My design company.

Angelia Armstrong Design

The tradition of making things we use for the home has been lost with time.
With the perilous times we have today
Being able to create things or use items made with fine craftsmanship-by hand can
bring people together. It can offer a feeling of a little control against all that is unknown
in the modern world.

Angelia Armstrong Design  is a design/lifestyle studio
encompassing art, fashion, and interior design. Our hand-built products showcase our personal
style and vision. Influenced by nature, people, our everyday lives, we work outside trends to mix
vibrant design with vintage charm, to create art pieces that are functional as well as beautiful.
We are making our own path for living a creative sustainable life.
Using new and rescued fabrics and reclaimed wood we create a wholesale line of fashion
and home accessories. By over dyeing, printing, appliqué, and embroidery we create our own
unique item from the new and used materials. Scarves, wraps handbags, pillows, wood tiles
display/serving trays are included in our current product line. We also create one of a kind
fashion and larger furniture pieces.

All products are made in our family studio in Virginia, USA

Angelia Armstrong Design