Mood Monday

In prepartaion for the Holidays, I need to clean and rework my spaces, to decorate and for visitors.  I think I need to make an inspiration board.  With so many things going on, it helps me to have a visal plan.

Off to another busy week, here with deliveries and all.  What is going on with you, the season is near?

This is a beautiful mood board.

Photo credit.

Inspiration board for the decor8 contest.

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  1. Hi Angelia,
    you are so talented! Beautiful blog, too. I wrote you a note on FB asking about a pillow price.
    Also, I am making a bulletin board for my daughter, Trevina. (You met her a few yrs ago, when we took a class from you. She is a jr at Longwood, majoring in art and psych.) I want it to be half cork bottle corks, and half fabric, w/pockets and fabric the one in your photos. Did you use jersey on top of flat cork? I love the push-pin button idea.

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