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I love these 70’s fashions

When I was little my grandmother would watch-and do the exercise program Jack Lalanne most every morning.   It got me in the habit of doing some kind of movement everyday.  For most of my life I was very active, but in the last couple of years, some physical problems and stress have been an issue and now I cannot seem to get to the point where I can lose wight and feel fit.  This is a time in my life where I really need to be “lighter” and more focused.  I have been doing a food experiment and I have found a big problem with sugar.  So this week the sweets have been going away and I can really tell a difference.  Now, to stop the sugar completely for a couple of weeks to see if things improve even more.  Do you have any food issues?

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  1. San D says:

    Food issues you ask? Boy do I love food. It’s my drug of choice, since I don’t drink or smoke or do “drugs”. But that said as I am getting older (63), I see that I will be the principle caregiver for my husband (who is also getting older, and has some health issues). So, I decided with a little help from LIVESTRONG at the local Y (see my blog about the experience) that I would exercise 2 times a week, and watch what I eat. Since I have started I have dropped 2 dress sizes, and feel much better. I still have a way to go. I miss eating like a big pig a lot, but know that I have to do this for my future, and that is what motivates me.

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