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New Fabric Designs for Spring 2014

It has been a learning fall for me.  I am trying to convert my hand drawn design ideas to the computer on Adobe Illustrator.  In my past career I did a lot of Autocad technical work, it is one thing to make straight lines and measurements and all that using a computer and mouse, it is so tricky for me to make my hand drawings look the way I want on the computer.  The boys did buy me a Wacom tablet that lets you draw directly on the screen.  I am finally feeling a little more comfortable using it.  It is still not quite the same, but if I want to have my designs printed on fabric,in large quantities, I will continue on, it is never too late to learn something new, anyway.Mod-Tear-Drop-grey-1 Tiny-Layered-Circles


Seeing Spots

Seeing spots-painting dots, many silk scarf orders around here, this design has been a favorite this this spring/summer.  I can see the end coming with this last 5 months of orders.  Looking forward to new ideas and designs and I hope to have some samples and orders available for family and friends this summer.


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