Mar 26 2014

Fabric Texture

Angelia Armstrong

Sewing away at Blue Skies today. Some new work in progress.


Feb 18 2014

Our Environments

Angelia Armstrong



I used to work in coal mining, creating environmental designs for coal removal and reclaimation.   With all the spills and containing pond failures in recent news, it has me thinking about all that has been done to the area where I used to live.  I left long ago when all the rules changed and you could see that the environment was not going to be an important part of the region.

My life has been through many changes both location and my work, since those years working in Van Lear, KY.    Whenever I go back, now it is sad to see how much damage has been done, and all the people have been hurt physically and economically.  I don’t know how it all went so wrong, and when money became more important then human life and the natural resources.  I think it has not been good for us, and hope we can change our way of thinking, so we can help everyone, including mother nature.  We are all in this together after all


Jan 22 2014


Angelia Armstrong

Stuck in Philadelphia snow.

Jan 20 2014


Angelia Armstrong

My booth at the show.

Jan 14 2014

Ready to load up

Angelia Armstrong


Almost ready to leave for the Buyers Market of American Craft show. Why do I always get so many ideas at the last minute? So many things I still want to create. #phillybmac


Jan 8 2014

New Marketing Material

Angelia Armstrong

Look what came in the mail today.  New hang tags and postcards.



Jan 1 2014

Winter Garden Color

Angelia Armstrong

Even though it is winter I still love the soft, muted colors of the yard and garden.  We have been talking and planning for some changes in the outdoor space for next year, slways on the look out for ways to make it more sustainable and add more food to the household.  Looking forward to a the new year with many ideas.  Hope you all have a fun New Years Eve!  See you next year.

winter color winter color2


Dec 11 2013

New Fabric Designs for Spring 2014

Angelia Armstrong

It has been a learning fall for me.  I am trying to convert my hand drawn design ideas to the computer on Adobe Illustrator.  In my past career I did a lot of Autocad technical work, it is one thing to make straight lines and measurements and all that using a computer and mouse, it is so tricky for me to make my hand drawings look the way I want on the computer.  The boys did buy me a Wacom tablet that lets you draw directly on the screen.  I am finally feeling a little more comfortable using it.  It is still not quite the same, but if I want to have my designs printed on fabric,in large quantities, I will continue on, it is never too late to learn something new, anyway.Mod-Tear-Drop-grey-1 Tiny-Layered-Circles


Dec 5 2013

Holiday Ornaments

Angelia Armstrong

Holiday Ornaments now available at Blue Skies or contact me directly.




Nov 16 2013

Work In Progress

Angelia Armstrong



Working on some little quilted ornaments, it has been a while since I made some small fun art.  Will be available next week.

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